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Loading 32 H & R Mag to 327 Fed Mag pressures

If they were going to be fired in a gun chambered for .327 Fed Mag, would it be safe to load 32 H&R Mag to similar pressures? There have been comments and maybe even threads that talked about loading 38 Spec to 357 mag pressures, because it is the difference in the gun, not the case, that dictates safety limits.

Since 32 H&R Mag brass is more readily available, it could be a work around means of a shooter getting some fairly good performance out of a 327 Fed chambering, like the SP 101, or the Ruger New Model Blackhawk.

I understand that this may be conjecture on the part of anybody that responds, and since I have loaded 38 cases to fairly hot levels, it is my responsiblity if this comes to an unhappy conclusion for me.

I looked really hard at an SP 101 in 327 Fed and can't get that out of my feeble mind. The one thing that got in my way was the availablity of brass.
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