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I loaded some 380 finally today

I have read that the Lee Auto Disc has issues with flaky powders. Which I did...I'm using Unique.

After A LOT of trial and error and testing my old scale, I loaded them with 3.2-3.3 grains(OAL .981). 100gr lead RN bullet. I got the auto disc to throw 3.2-3.3 pretty consistent so I stuck with it as a starting point. I will eventually get a powder that will throw better in the auto disc. I will have to learn with Unique which is OK I guess.

I have not shot these few tester rounds yet but I will soon. Reloading is pretty simple once dialed in. Just a lot of TRIPLE checking on my part since I'm new to reloading. I ruined 3 bullets since I don't have a bullet puller. Oh well it was worth it. The gentleman I purchased bullets from threw in like 10 extra 95 grain to try out.

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