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Thanks John, I use the higher-end subsonic Wolf target match for SF (as advised here a few months ago), but find that the brass is almost impossible to extract from the tight chambers in the gun even though it goes in easily. I did some fairly crude 25 yard testing off a rest and didn't see any difference in grouping between the cheap stuff and other types of ammo, and it extracts a lot easier (not to mention it's more economical), so that's what I've been using for TF and RF. I know I still have a lot of room to improve technique-wise, maybe the ammo will be more of an issue once (and if) I can get over 800.

I'm a pretty committed traditionalist, and I hate alibi rounds, hence the appeal of the iron-sighted revolvers to me. Sometime I'd like to get a nice 1911 to get started with .45 bullseye shooting, but even then I doubt that I'll go to a red dot scope until I just can't see the sights any more.

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