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Pushed the Bullseye bar higher today with my Model 17

My iron-sighted K-22 was working well today and I scored 784 (previous best 762). Slow fire continues to improve slowly (avg. of 78 per round). I found that the timed (90.3) and rapid fire (93.0) segments (which I shoot all DA) were even better with a reduced power Wolff main spring, and I had no ignition problems even with the cheap Federal Value Pack ammo that I used for TF and RF.

This gun (pictured below my K-38 below), in addition to the newly added Wolff main spring, also has a 13-lb trigger rebound spring and is silky smooth all the way through the DA pull with no stacking at the end. It's extremely easy to hold the sights right on the bullseye through the cycle.

By the end of September I will have been shooting Bullseye for a year. My goal is to hit 800 by that time, and also to shoot a perfect 100 round (my highest so far is 96 today in RF).

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