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I just read that Zediker article

Now I've been shooting and loading for the M14/M1As since 1977. Shooting for the Guard, got my distinguished badge with one.

I also read (or thought I have) just about everything about loading the 308s for the M14.

I got to tell you, Zediker's article is about the best thing I've read on the subject.

As a side note: The most accurate M1A loads I've loaded was 41.5 grns of 4895, Remington Special Brass (with Small Rifle Primer Pockets) and SR BR Primers. I used 168 SMKs at 200 & 300 and 180 SMKs at 600 & 1000. (Note: this is the older 180 SMKs not todays 180s, the older 180s are the same as todays 175 SMKs).

Problem is I can't find any more of Remington's special brass.

I haven't done much with Bergers, I heard they are good, but I've went to ARs for High Power Service Rifle shooting and just haven't gotten around to playing with the Bergers in 308.
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