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When do these hearings resume?

That represents all the hearings that have been scheduled at this time. Rep. Issa proposed a compromise solution where DoJ would grant Congressional staff an opportunity to examine the documents they seek "in camera" (means DoJ retains control of them and the information within them would not be for public consumption).

Not suprisingly, the person DoJ sent, Assistant Attorney General Ronald Weich (which I have been mistakenly spelling as Welch) does not have the authority to agree to such a deal, so there is a temporary lull.

If DoJ continues to be obstructionist, both Rep. Issa and Sen. Grassley have indicated they will escalate until they get cooperation. Of course, the President, who promised the most transparent administration ever (and I suppose it is in some ironic sense), could simply order the DoJ to comply but despite his claim that neither him nor AG Holder knew anything about this operation, he has backed DoJ in ignoring the Congressional subpoena.


Seems to me that about all we have had, or are at all likely to have, absent U.S. Marshals dragging ATF/DOJ/Administration types off in chains for contempt is what used to be described as "shucking and jiving". Call it something else if you like. As for the transparent administration Obama spoke of, that's kind of like his "change you can believe in", something of that proverbial crock.

I guess that a great deal, possibly virtually the entire business revolves on how ****** off The Congress might become, enough to cut off funding, and we will likely see something really interesting, As for falling short of that, or its' equivalent, which I suspect is more or less what will happen, this entire business will simply be swept under the carpet, as has happened time and time again, under various administrations, Democratic and Republican.
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