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I have heard this argument several times and agree with Grump that circumstances differ. One thing some fail to consider is that the point of home defense is to instantly stop the threat. That usually means resorting to lethal force. Still, not all lethal force puts an immediate halt to threats. Depending on where you hit the bag guy and with what he may die, but not until after he has cleaned your clock and possibly taken the lives of a family member.

Also consider that if things if the occasion should arise, you may need to shoot through furniture and table tops. In an ideal world you can carry #4 or whatever in the tube and top load 00 or slugs if the need should arise, but I don't expect to react like a trained professional is a panic situation and I would plan on having nothing but what is loaded in the tube.

And should Mr. or Ms. BG barricade themselves behind furnishings, that is fine with me because my HD goal is to keep them from me and mine until the pros can take over things.

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