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I may have missed it if someone else addressed this, but the short OAL makes me a little nervous. 230 grain RN bullets are generally seated to 1.260 - 1.270" with 1.275" being SAAMI max OAL. With your short 1.200" OAL, pressure will be raised significantly.

I have no idea if it's enough to cause problems in your case, but it's definitely something to keep in mind.
I was just about to bring this up as well. 1.200 is awfully short for a 230 GR LRN. This fact plus a max or near max load of 231 may produce some excitement and soiling of certain clothing at best. By my estimation, you are a minimum of 0.05" too short and maybe 0.06-0.07" depending upon the manual you choose to read.

I say pull them and chalk it up to learning.
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