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Here's mine. Have a 12'x20' cave in the backyard that has 2 rooms. Back room is for reloading 7'x12'. Previous owners had a sub-floor built in the back room. I gutted it and left the floor beams in as bench and shelf starters, but they were too low for a bench, so I built it up which allowed me the opportunity for the built-in compartments.

I couldn't live with not utilizing the spaces at the ends of the bench so I did this

I'm new to reloading, but I was very committed to the hobby. I amassed knowledge, equipment, tools, and components for a year and a half. You guys and this forum were a gigantic help, resource, and motivation. I have built one workbench in my entire life, so it was a large undertaking for me, as I am not a builder of things. I had to listen to my buddy for a while "what's taking you so long?", "you think too much!". He doesn't shoot much less reload, so he didn't understand. I didn't want any regrets after I was done. I have subsequently loaded my first rounds recently. Started with .38 special. Haha, I even bought a new S&W mdl 67 chambered in .38 because I didn't want to use my .357s to test loads. Here are the results of my first 4 10-shot groups. Target at the 9 0'clock position were the first 10 rounds I ever reloaded. Did a 4-way split on powder weight-3.7, 3.9, 4.1, 4.3 gr off W-231 pushing a Berrys 158 FP, Magtech SPP, Speer once fired cases. Fired at 10 yds. Results are a topic for another discussion. I owe you guys a lot. Thanks to all.
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