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First handload for m14. Need tips for RL-15/norma 203-b recipe


I'm a 22y.o. Swede who spent almost five years longing for an m14 type rifle and finally managed to get a license for one about a year ago. I've shot match FMJs and surplus with it so far and I've been moderately satisfied with the accuracy. My dad handloads for his BAR light (.30-06) and I got myself an RCBS kit for .308 so that I can borrow his bench to make some nice accuracy optimized hunting loads.

Obviously the best way to do this would be to get ten different kinds of bullets and three different powders but I've already bought a box of bullets and I'm going to use the powder my dad keeps in stock.

Rifle: Norinco m14s, w/ bassett mount, Nikon Monarch 1.5-6x scope and shimmed gas system

Powder: Norma 203-b, which is allegedly the same or very similar to Reloader 15

Bullet: Hornady 165gr BTSP Interlock

Do you have any recommendations regarding COAL, amount of powder or anything else m14-specific under these circumstances?

We will be following Normas tables for .308 winchester for infornation regarding every variable except for what you can help me with.

On one forum a shooter recommended 40.0 grains of RL-15, on another I read a recommendation for 45.5 grains of RL-15 (producing 2600fps with a 168grain bullet).

Thank you!
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