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That deer wasn't spooked by the sight of your rifle.
I agree she was curious instead of spooked or she would have just left. She did see it though and it did prevent her from providing me with a good shot.

if a deer is smart enough to know what a "gun" is, the deer would be smart enough to know that it takes a human to shoot the gun
Of course she didn't know it was a gun but she recognized it as something out of the ordinary.

If the deer was that close to you more than likely it scented something that it didn't care or was un-natural. Maybe gun oil, your scent, something. If it trotted off rather than bolting, it wasn't real alarmed,just new something wasn't right.
Without question. Once she sniffed the gun, she definitely got a whiff of some new scents. I also agree that she wasn't alarmed, just uneasy. She stood around for a few moments calling to her fawns who were still with her. She called several times before they came and one of them actually jumped over me on the way back to her.

i bet a dollar against a doughnut it was "scope glint" that got you busted...
I honeslty couldn't say as it has been too long ago. I would hope that is something I would have noticed at the time and remembered but it would make sense considering how quickly she spotted it.

Although you could have got her...
Actually, I never did have what I would consider a responsible shot. I was prone with a heavy barrelled varmint rifle and she was far enough to my right that I would have had to sit up and then swing around to get a shot. At that point, I would have found myself shootiong at the wrong end of the deer with a 22 caliber rifle. If I were sitting, it would have been a different story.
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