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Yes, it moves up and down and isn't frozen, but I have no idea how far up it's supposed to go. Where it sits in the picture, it goes up maybe another half an inch? Is it supposed to go up further? Should I remove the rust on the outside/underside/handle and try to remove the rust on the ram?
Yes, the linkage should go so far as to be almost straight when the ram is near the top of its travel.

What about the primer device? Is it to corroded? It doesn't seem to seat very well in the metal piece at the back of the press unless I move it in there.
As stated by others, press-based priming systems are not the best way to go. They exert too much pressure (can crush primers), and are not sensitive enough (cannot easily feel when the primer has bottomed out in the primer pocket). However, the primer system looks like it can be salvaged by carefully removing the rust. The priming post spring may or may not be salvageable however, but parts can be obtained from RCBS if you want to make the priming system work again.
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