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Fact is "guns grandpa owned" have no sentimental value to most families. What value they have to the desendants is in dollars only. But, often times the families do think that because "it was grandpa's" it is worth more. Not so. When I had my gunshop a lot of guns came in hoping I would buy them. Many times, I suspect, grandpa wasn't even cold yet. And about half the time the gun in question was an H&R single barrel 12 ga. shotgun that rattled like an old Jenny and wasn't worth the gas to bring it to town. Personal case in point. I mounted a small .32 revolver in a frame, very nicely if I say so myself, that belonged to my grandfather (I'm now 72) and gave it to my son. He was completely disinteresed and it is packed away somewhere. I thought it would hang on a wall as a sort of sentimental item. Nope. Couldn't care less. Believe me, when the body is cold life moves on and most of the time the dollars left behind are all that count.
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