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Shooting from cover with weak hand.
When shooting from cover on your weak side (left side of cover for right handed shooters and vice versa for lefties), do you shoot from your weak hand or shoot with your strong hand and risk exposing more of yourself? Does it matter if your shooting rifle or pistol?
The preferred practice would be to use whichever hand allows you to remain behind as much cover as possible in a deadly threat situation and still have the ability to deliver fast accurate fire. Of course, this must be balanced with the reality of the level of skill of the actual shooter. If the shooter has not practiced shooting with their weak hand, then they may be unable to hit anything using the weak hand. In the case of shooters who have not practiced using the weak hand they may have to choose to expose more of their body to return fire in order to have a reasonable chance to hit.

I am sadly out of practice in using my weak hand, but would attempt to use my weak hand in a deadly force situation if that meant keeping more of my body behind cover.
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