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I haven't had a large number of successful loads for the .327 Federal. Overall, I'd have to say I've had more failures, than successes. ...But I'm really picky. Most of my "bad" loads would probably be perfectly acceptable to most shooters.

I got started with some 71 gr FMJs, like most of us. Shortly thereafter, I ran into a good deal on 2,000 Mesiter 115 gr LRNFPs, and 1,000 94 gr LRNFPs (or vice versa). They held me over, until I tracked down some Gold Dots and XTPs. (I've had Sierra 90 gr JHCs on back order for more than a year, with no delivery anticipated any time soon.)

I'll start with the "good", and finish with the "bad".

.327 Federal
FC Brass
71 gr Magtech FMJ (.311")
6.0 gr Titegroup
Fed 100 primer (SP)
1.505" OAL
---- It's a hot load for the SP primers, but should be under 1,200 fps. I can't remember the actual chronograph results, but they were not screamin' hot. I would recommend backing off at least half a grain, for your own max load. It was fairly accurate, but I won't load it any more. I have no desire to damage my forcing cone.
Overall rating: Last-Ditch Plinking Load, when you can't get other components. It's not worth the trouble, as a standard load.

.327 Federal
FC Brass / FC Nickel
115 gr Meister LRNFP (Lead Round Nose Flat Point)
5.0 gr HP-38
CCI 550 primer (SP Magnum)
1.462" OAL
---- Light load. The magnum primer may not be necessary, but the load started with brass already primed with the CCI 550s. So, I stuck with it.
Overall rating: Great for small game, plinking, and targets.

.327 Federal
FC Nickel
100 gr Hornady XTP
12.9 gr H110
CBC 7.5 primer (Magtech SR)
1.450" OAL
---- Hot load. No chrono testing, yet.

.327 Federal
FC Nickel
90 gr Hornady HBWC
3.1 gr Unique
CCI 500 primer (SP)
1.122" OAL (almost flush)
---- Light load. Accurate (for me). Not chrono tested, yet. Velocity could be anywhere betwee 600-800 fps. I actually push this harder in .32 H&R brass, than .327 brass.
Overall Rating: Great target and light small game load.

I have a lot more 85 gr XTP, 100 gr XTP, 100(?) gr Gold Dot, and 115 gr Meister LRNFP loads in the works, but they haven't been thoroughly tested, yet (if at all). I've been spending most of my time with .32 S&W Long and .32 H&R.

The "bad":

.327 Federal
FC Brass
71 gr Magtech FMJ
Various charge weights of Trail Boss (I have 6.0 gr written in my notes, as my max, but I think that's greater than the case capacity; and I know I didn't compress it.)
Multiple primers tried (Fed SP, CCI SP, CCI SPM)
Pressure signs were incredible... but unpredictable.
The Trail Boss did really funky things in these test loads.
-- Not recommended, with any charge weight.

.327 Federal
FC Nickel
85 gr Hornady XTP
100 gr Hornady XTP
True Blue powder
I won't even bother listing other data. These loads were causing primer flow and difficult extraction with starting loads (Blackhawk and SP101).
-- True Blue is NOT recommended. (Use H110/W296 )

The rest of the "bad" loads were just me being picky about velocity or accuracy. If I have the motivation, I may dig through my notes, and post them here later.
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