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last time at 1000

My F-T/R rifle "lives" w/ a 600 yd zero and I lob 175/.30 at about the speed you mention. My 600 yd zero is +15MOA at 100, which I can check pretty easy at the nearby state range or even in my neighbors hayfield.

Last time I went to 1000, I put +23MOA (+38 at 100) on the rifle, which is what my log book called for, and shot my first sighter. My spotter advised to come down 1 MOA, which I did, (for +22, +37 from 100) and shot again. An "X" ! Man, I thought it was my day, two sighters and in the X ring!

I never shot another darn x the whole day, 40 rds for record (two relays) and a good handfull of sighters the second time up. Some times I just wanna quit.

But yeah........I think you get the wind right, or close,and a good squeeze, and you should be on paper with +40MOA up at 100. Maybe a tad high.
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