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Hi, Zippy. I am still not sure if I like the Universal Bar. It seems fine, until it drops a powder load .3 grains over the setting.

As to conservative settings, I couldn't understand why when I got it the settings were so high above the recipe the seller had been using. After messing with it for a ridiculous amount of time, I read on line that powder drops were accurate or as much as a half a grain light.

It took me a while to get used to the Lee Safety Powder Scale that I bought. but it is fairly accurate (I think).

I am not sure but think the problem with occasional heavy drops (just one was 1.3 grains heavy. all the rest have been within .3 grains of the lightgest drop. eg. If a recipe calls for 15 grains, I set it so that most drops are between 14.0 and 16.0.

I just realized that the "Pro Check" was bent from use and it occassionally bumped against what is called the "Wad Guide Bracket". That bump may have thrown things off. I will see as I got a new "Pro Check" for <$6. If you recall your old MEC Jr, the Pro Check is that black piece bolted to the charge bar.

I looked at the MEC bushings chart and until I read an old post of BigJim's, concerning what you call "bumping", I wondered how you got an accurate drop if the bushing wasn't quite the right size.

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