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Brent, Blame BigJim. The one thing these characters tried to teach me long ago, and they were balls on right, is the gun isn't the big expense. Its the ammunition and target fees.

So going with a new machine isn't a bad idea. If I valued the time it took to fix a few things on the used one, actually the time it took to figure out what in need of replacement parts were causing me grief, I would have done better getting a new one. (After playing with mine for a couple of days I found it needed two parts. I got them from from a local ammo supply distributor, who stocks all the MEC parts, for just over $7 and now it should work as slick as a new machine.)

The other very true law of shotgun shooting they imparted is that the wife, if they are not shooters, don't understand that you are saving money by buying supplies in quantity. It is a losing argument that recommends to me the virtues of cash purchases.

I prudently failed to mention, when I got home tonight, how I saved $20 on 20 rounds of trap by stocking up on them, as opposed to buying tokens as needed.

I like the part about spending OPM, but not spending their money on them but on me.

Re the adjustable universal charge bar, they currently run about $40. I think I like them, but if you change loads frequently powder bushings may be better. I read an interesting old post by BJP about reaming out bushings to get precise drops.
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