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Finally found dads press

Alright, so my dad let me have his old reloading equipment that has been sitting in the barn for years. Included is a RCBS single stage press, that I have no idea the model, as well as a extremely nice (and he said expensive) tumbler.
I'm pretty excited but since it's been in a barn the stuff is pretty weathered. So how should I clean this thing, and remove the surface rust? The press also has the primer arm, but it's rusty and I don't know if it works, can I put this piece in the tumbler to remove rust or is there something else I should do? Or just replace it?
I'm sure there's some of you that have bought used and neglected presses that know how to restore them so can you give me advice please?

Also if anyone has a cheap .40 S&W die set they want to sell, pm me
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