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Hey gehr,

I know they have better schools in Mississippi than what your inteligence is showing. Boy, you on some kinda drugs or something.

Turkey! No one here is putting 00Buck thru a Super-Extra-Full choke for long distance on turkey or coyote. Now whats the point
The conversation going on prior to me asking " if those that never aim a shotgun, turkey hunt?", was the fact that people,including you, were insinuating a shotgun is NEVER aimed.

Prior to me asking that question, you blessed us with your vast knowledge and prowess of how great a Trap shooter you are and gave us your wonderful 'swing' through technique talking about Zen man and how great you are shooting a 'man's' macho 12ga. Talking to people here like your the guru of the shotgun.

News flash, 'Bigtime', there are a few times when it calls for a shotgun shooting shot to be aimed.

I've come to the conclusion that your full of BS , don't know squat and would dearly love to get you on a trap/skeet course(your pick) with about a $500 bet or so.

By the way, you've spelled Mississippi wrong in your location.

P.S. I am calm.
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