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Has your gun gotten you busted?

Years ago I had planned to hunt with a sidelock muzzleloader but when I got to the lease, I couldn't find my percusion caps. Since I had my 22-250 with me, I went ahead and used it. I set up on the ground for what I expected to be about a 30 yard shot just as I had planned for with the muzzleloader. After a while, a good sized doe showed up right where I expected her to. She just poked her head out past the treeline and immediately looked directly at me. I was stunned. The wind was perfect, I was covered head to toe, and I had a covey of quail that had been within arms reach for quite some time that didn't know I was there. At first, I didn't know what had happened. Then, as she moved my direction behind the treeline, I realized what happened. She saw the rifle. She actually walked up, put her nose to the barrel right at the front of the scope and sniffed the gun. Then she trotted off.

Having a deer get that close without knowing I was there made the hunt a success in my book. I sure didn't expect it to turn out that way though. Btw, this wasn't a stainless rifle, just a blued barrel and black synthetic stock but it was enough to stick out from that distance. This why I don't have a stainless rifle. I have had times since then when I was sure they spotted the gun but I have never had another deer walk over and check it out.

So, my question is how many of you have been busted, not because you were spotted but because the gun was spotted and do you consider how conspicuous the gun is when choosing a hunting rifle?
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