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Calm down Short -- don't get a complex.

It is obvious when we are talking 12 ga. and that's not a 20 ga. And to discuss 12 ga. when you haven't owned one or even shot a 20 ga. for a decade is just strange to me. But I've accepted it.

.410 -- 100 straight in Trap? I'm sure I couldn't do it. But I'm also not RESPONDING to people about going out with the ladies for an afternoon of skeet as I don't do that. But I'd use 2-3/4" 00 Buck if I did -- practice is the most important thing to do and that's the best shell. They have valu-packs of it at WalMart as proof because it is the most popular!

Turkey? No-one here is putting 00 Buck thru a Super-Extra-Full choke for long distance aimed turkey or coyote. NOW what's the point? That you CAN aim a shotgun with sights on it? OMG Like we never had slugs barrels before either. Hey, you can shoot a rifle at a moving target too! Lotta newbies...
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