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I made the mistake of using a hog for an analogy for pellet penetration.

But I think something to bear in mind is that hunting rounds to take down deer or medium game don't necesarily make the optimum HD loading. Nor does LE loadings in all circumstances.

Officers are often firing into vehicles with their shotguns and they need those rounds to bust through windsheilfs, even car doors or hte backs of vehiucles - like through the bed of a pickup, maybe evn go through a car or truck dseat and stiill hit the bad guy.

In HD you don't necesarily need that.

I think the advice from the tactical institute is good - you want the pellets to penetrate to about 14" in ordinance gelatin - which should correlate to adequate penetration in humans to disrupt vital tissue. You want to create as many 12-14" wound channels as possible.
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