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So busy today, I almost forgot to post back. Here's what I came up with. I had been loading 4.5gr and 4.9gr of Unique in 9mm but as I really couldn't tell the difference, I decided to simplify my life and just load 4.7gr. So that was last nights batch.

Using 4.7gr of Unique in Federal casings the powder was about 0.235" down from the top. It varied from about .220 to .239 but if I settled them a little it was pretty close to .230 to .239. The cases are about 0.746" long and the Berry's 115gr 9mm are 0.547" long. I shoot for an OAL of 1.160". This seats the bullet in about 0.130" and leaves about 0.105" of space between the powder and the bullet. Going to 5gr wouldn't change much, maybe about 20 mils or so. I would still get about 0.080" of space between the bullet and the loose powder.
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