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I agree, this thread is needed, thanks for starting it. My current practice load for SP101; Fed./Speer case, 12.5 gr Accurate No.9, Fed. No.209 (small rifle primer), 100 gr Rainier plated HP, homemade cannelure for overall cartridge length of 1.440. Shot about 300 rounds of this load and have had no cracking/peeling problems with the plating on this bullet, yet. Hope I don't as it's price keeps cost per round lower. Pressures seem ok by the way they feel, look (case/primer/extraction), and group (offhand). Not yet been able to chronograph the load but wish to when I run across a place that I can set everything up. Still got 115 gr Gold Dots on back order since Oct. of last year. Am going to get a few boxes of 100 gr XTPs to play with, too.
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