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I can understand your comparisons. Personally I believe that in most instances just about any load used in a shotgun within the confines of a dwelling coupled with the limited ranges of normal residences will produce results to either dispatch or incapacitate an intruder, that is the basis for choosing a #5 pellet. I'd be more worried about the over-penetration of heavier projectiles such as buckshot and the collateral damage or injury they may cause a family member. 2 layers of 1/2" drywall or a wood/masonite door will degrade the effects of smaller shot sizes than the buckshot while still maintaining lethality to soft targets in the direct path. 5/8" offers even more of a barrier/sheild. Or if you have the money, high abuse and bullet resistant drywall might be your choice, but you better be ready to fork over the coin for that.

I reckon its a to each his own preference thing. I hope that I'm never in an instance where the scenario comes into play. At present the community that I reside in is a quiet, small vacation destination. My new home will be in the country where people will have to get through a security gate, past the dogs, through the security system and up a very long driveway over relatively open ground. Lots of fields of fire there, the AR's and bolt guns will hopefully come into play long before I'd have to resort to pistols and scatterguns. Might even get a pet gator out of the swamp to guard the outside.

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