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light 338 Barnes TTSX - any experience?

My usual hunting gun is a 7x65R, but I've been unimpressed with that round on elk. Since I drew my dream tag for a trophy bull this fall I'm looking for a stronger alternative. My next gun up is a Win 70 in 338 WM, but I know I'm prone to flinching with that gun, especially offhand. Instead of buying something intermediate I'm thinking of loading some lighter bullets instead of the 210 Noslers that I've been using to tame the gun a bit, and the Barnes solids are available in 160 and 185 gr. Does any one have experience with those bullets, and some load suggestions?
I used to love being able to hit hard at 1000 yards. As I get older I find hitting a mini ram at 200 yards with the 22 oddly more satisfying.
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