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My New Shotgun - Pre model 11 Remington?

Greetings Gentlemen (and ladies if present)

I found this site while researching the age of my newly acquired shotgun. My stepfather passed away this past January and I recently went down to moms to help go through stuff. I ended up bringing back four rifles, which I intend to keep as family heirlooms.

I know they are not worth much financially, but they have non tangible value that I appreciate. I'm interested in learning as much about these rifles as I can.

Since this is my first post, I'll go ahead and tell you I've been around guns all my life. I learned proper gun handling and safety in my pre-teens at summer camp. I don't know what we fired exactly back then, but I do know it was a tube fed bolt action .22 of some sort. I've had a couple rifles over the years, and I've had a Beretta 92FS for about 20 years.
I'm not a hunter nor an extremist, but I do support our rights and I enjoy taking out targets (though I haven't done it in a long time).

So, to the point of this post...

One of the guns is what I *think* is a Remington model 11 Autoloader. It Does not say Model 11 on it anywhere. I am only making this leap based on the research I've done so far. Reading here and a few other sites I think it might be a pre "Model 11" model 11... if that makes sense.

I talked to Remington and he said "if it really is a Model 11", based on the serial number it was manufactured in 1912. He suggested I give the guys at a try, but I had already registered here, so here is where I shall start.

So, I'm hoping you all might be able to help me narrow this down a bit more.

Like I said, it does not say Model 11 anywhere. On the left side just in front of the receiver it says "pull". On the right side same spot, there is a mark but I can't tell what it is. The serial number 127593 is underneath by the trigger. On the left side of the barrel where it says Remington Union Metalworks (or something like that, I'm not at home at the moment), the youngest patent date on it is 1903. The safety is a little nub in front of the trigger. (sorry for my highly technical firearms jargon)

So, what do ya'll think? I know 1912 is close, any thoughts on narrowing it down more?

Also, as you can see from the pictures, all the blueing is gone. I don't think I'll bother trying to do a full restore, but I'd like to polish it up shiny. Any suggestions on how to clean it up?

Finally, I've read not to use steel loads with this gun. While I'm familiar with proper gun handling and safety, the variety of ammunition out there I am not so familiar with. I do intend to have a smitty sign off on the guns soundness before I take it out, but I want to make sure I buy the right ammo so I don't screw it up. I'd only be looking to kill clay pigeons.

Thanks and here are some pictures....

(sorry about how long this got)

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