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Next I need to work with the 100 grain Hornady XTP.

I've really made nothing, but have some ideas with load data.
Alliant gives an 11.0 grain max for 2400 with their 115 grain Gold Dot... so that would be a safe start with a 100 grain XTP.

REALGUNS.COM did some load development and came up with 2400 data also.
Their max with the 100gr Hornady XTP was 11.5 grains 2400 and 1,405 FPS.

They also list data for Ramshot Enforcer and Hodgdon Lil' Gun, but neither reach the same velocity. You can see here at:

Also please NOTE two things regarding that table of data on REALGUNS: First is that they did some testing with the 60 grain XTP bullet, but everyone pretty much agrees that the 60 grainer is a true .32 Auto bullet and even Hornady does not recommend you push that slug to these ridiculous velocities. When I contacted Ben at ATK, he said that possible forcing cone damage could result from pushing inappropriate bullets to way-too-fast speeds. I'm not interesting in loading those expensive, improper slugs... but you might be, so please keep that in mind.

The other thing that I want to mention about the table on REALGUNS is that they used CCI-500 small pistol primers in their load development, but again, ATK/Federal has since revealed that all of their factory ammo is loaded with CCI-400 small rifle (non-magnum) primers. I make all my handloads with these same CCI-400 primers and I think it's a good idea to do exactly that. YMMV.

Also available for the 100gr XTP is data from Accurate.
100gr XTP, 8.5gr AA#7, 1,355 FPS
100gr XTP, 9.4gr AA#7, 1,505 FPS ---43,080 PSI, 1.440" COAL

And they list data for AA#9, too, which I forgot to mention for the 85 grain XTP that I posted about above.
100gr XTP, 11.7gr AA#9, 1,417 FPS
100gr XTP, 13.0gr AA#9, 1,574 FPS ---36,950 PSI, 1.440" COAL
Looks like a terrific powder to use for this round.

The Accurate guide also lists load data for the 90gr Sierra Sport Master JHC and for cast lead bullets, too. Check out their load data at:

So... whaddya you guys got?!
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