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Yep, and using both of those sites helped me to get started with 85 and 100 grain Hornady XTP slugs.

And I finally did come in to more of these little jacketed bits of goodness... from a heckuva guy in our own forum here, poster Rusty W who found a bunch of them in one of his local shops. Rusty was cool enough to pick them up for me and ship 'em to me so I could load 'em with proper bullets. Thanks again, Rusty!

I started conservatively with one of my favorite powders, Alliant 2400.
85gr Hornady XTP, 11.2 grains 2400, loaded to cannelure

I worked up to:
85gr Hornady XTP, 12.0 grains 2400, loaded to cannelure
Once again... no chrono data... didn't have QuickLoad estimates for these either. Pretty much winging it. No signs of excess pressure.

I had some other published data, but I haven't gotten to trying it yet. Here it is:
85gr jacketed, 9.4gr AA#7 for 1,503 FPS
85gr jacketed, 10.4gr AA#7 for 1,670 FPS -- 44,020 PSI, 1.443" COAL
Both of these loads are published, from Accurate's v3.5 guide
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