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You missed the point, my hog analogy is that I completely evacuated and disassembled the sows head at 20ft or so with birdshot. The tungsten matrix has very similar properties and size to a high brass lead shell. At 20 ft a load of #5 shot or smaller is still extremely lethal. At 20ft a head shot with #5's isn't going to leave much more than an empty brain pan.

The plate on a hog is tough. I shot one last year with a 3.5" 00 in the shoulder and he kept on going. I unloaded the SBE then and dropped him. I shot another one with a 30'06 165grn BT handload over 58grns of IMR4350 at about 2950MV, he was hit at 70 yards right in the boiler room, no exit wound.

With all due respect, a gelatin test means jack s$^* where bullet/shot performance encouters real living flesh and bone.
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