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I used the shoulder in my analogy because of the need for penetration through the sheild, and bones to reach the heart.
But your analogy has weak spots too, count, You get a sho-nuff warrior hog and that 00 or even 000 isn't going very deep into the shield let alone reach vitals and will likely not even break the shoulder bones.

To reliably penetrate this shield with round balls would require hair singeing point blank distance. Anything beyond that is luck and luck alone.

You find the derndest things embedded in this material. I have found .30 cal (approx) bullets, buck shot pellets and even a long bladed 4 blade razor arrow head.

The buck shot balls were shallowest. The rifle bullets would be deeper. And the arrow head was located fore and aft but fully encased in the material and in nearly perfect condition.

If you want to poke a hog with the intentions of actually wounding it, and it is sizable, it requires a head/neck shot or right behind the shoulder area in the lower 1/3rd of torso region.

But it is not a high likelihood that a marauding boar is going to kick in your door to force you into deploying the HD shotgun.

As for ballistics gel... it is NOT THE SAME as human body material. It is, however, similar to flesh in resistance. The real purpose of it is in the fact that it is a quite stable, consistent material that can be used for testing so as to have a repeatable medium to shoot into.

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