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I've been working up .40 loads lately for my SA XD40 and EAA witness Elite Match pistols. I'm working with Bullseye, Ramshot Zip, Unique, Power Pistol and Accurate #5. I'm experimenting with Nosler 150 gr, Berry's 180 gr flat nose, Montana Gold 165 JHP and 180 gr, Xtreme 165 gr RNFP and 155 gr Hornady XTP.

All the powders work OK, some better than others depending on the load. I've only used Bullseye with the Berry's plated bullets in .40 so far. I've used Bullseye more in 9mm and .45. Groups are OK with the Berry's but could probably be better.

I tend to avoid Bullseye when I'm doing a run on the progressive press. I'm paranoid that I wouldn't reliably detect a double charge since the charge volumes are so small with Bullseye.
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