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Originally Posted by Patriot86
I went to a Gun Store near the border with Chicago a few months back, I was looking at a Remington 870 with a 7 round magazine. The guy behind the counted asked me if I was from Chicago because the shotgun I was looking at wasnt Chicago legal for what that's worth.
No offense to the area's gun stores, but many of them don't have a clue when it comes to the new ordinance. I called up the gun registration department and they verified that an extended capacity pump action shotgun is legal. The officer made a point to say that the 5 shell limit was for semis only and it you check off "pump action" you wouldn't have any problems. That's good news at least.

Truthfully, while the restrictions in the ordinance are frustrating, the paperwork irritating, and the venue changes inconvenient, so far the officers I've dealt with have been helpful and accommodating. One even told me flat out that the ordinance was dumb because it only penalizes “good guys.” Your millage may vary but so far the police haven't been the ones making things difficult for me. If only the politicians were of a similar mind.
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