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No, I saw the load data with a max of 5.8. I set up my equipment to throw 5.5grains which it did. Double checked each load on my RCBS scale. Perfectly loaded to 5.5grains. I was using LEE reloading data. Have it hard bound by my bench. What I believe what happened was I intended to load 200 grain plated that does have a max of 5.8grain. Now the max on the LEE data shows a max of 5.1grains. So why is a 200 grain max at 5.8 and 230 at 5.1. Have noted other sources with max for the 230 gr bullet at 5.8gr. So why such a difference between manuals.

Anyhow, I know that this is a hot load, but is within safe limits according to some manuals. Will probably try a few and see what happens.

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