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Are you saying you set up your press/equipment and came back a week later and loaded 70 rounds before you checked anything? You wanted to load with 5.5 gr. W231 but your loads weigh in at 5.8 - 5.9? Now you want a 5.1 gr. load? Sounds to me like you need a reloading manual, hard copy, so you can take it to your bench when loading. Printed load data rarely changes in the span of one week. No offence intended, but, you need to re-evaluate your reloading methods. Pick out a load, in your manual, highlite it, take the book to your loading bench and leave it there, open to the page for your chosen load. Then set your powder measure with a scale. Then proceed to load. If you leave the bench for any period of time (like for dinner,etc) double check everything again before you resume loading (meaning check it twice before restarting). "Gee, I coulda swore it said..." resulted in more than one Kaboom.

FWIW; I pay very little attention to any load data from any "Forum Expert" or "Gun Shop Guru". 95% of my load data comes from printed, hard copy, published reloading manuals, nothing from my computer screen. "Not sure the source of this data..." is enough for me to ignore the whole post...
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