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Sounds as though you've had quite the success with the 'ole drag rag' trick. I've used that method during bow season for several years and have literally watched deer come under my stand from a long distance with nose straight on the ground following the scent trail I've laid down.

Very early bow season here in Ohio comes in when the bucks are very territorial and staking off their turf. I'll usually use a buck scent then along with rattling and gruntingmany times proves to be a deadly combo on flushing a dominate buck. As the season progresses and the bucks interest start turning towards the does I'll swith to an estrus scent.

A scent I've had attract both sex's is Trail's Blend made by Outdoor Research. Smells alot like sweet anis.

One important thing I've found is that if your going to lay a long scent trail you need to stop every 30-40yds and freshen your rag up with more scent so it stays strong as you drag. Seems as though deer will travel the scent trail from weakest to strongest scent. Similar to the way a good beagle trails a rabbit.

Hey Hogdogs,

Do deer eat oranges?
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