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Think I Over Loaded Some .45ACP

So there I was, just doing some simple reloading, had checked and set up my equipment a week or so earlier for this round. I had also checked the load data when I had set everything up and I was good to go. Now after about 70 rounds I decide to check my load data, ahh,well, where did I get this info from??? Loaded them with this:

W231 5.5grains
230grain plated RN from extreme bullets
oal 1.200
assorted cases
cci primers

Now when I looked at the data for this round I would swear I saw a max of 5.8 grains and now I look and max is 5.1 grains.

I have looked and looked and have not yet come to a conclusion, but I have seen it reported that some were going as high as 5.9 grains of W231 in a 230grain bullet. So what would you do? Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Oh, right now they are separated from the rest in my red box with proper labeling on them to make sure they do not get used for now.
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