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This is a gun forum, but I have had Tinks lure work very well during Archery season. I drag a rag around through the brush in a crazy pattern and then throw it up in a tree to really get the scent out. Tie a bolt or washer to the rag with a long piece of twine so you can get it back down and seal it in a plastic bag.
I have had a buck rub the tree the rag was in, had a buck make a scrape under the tree the rag was in and pee in it. I had two bucks come flying down through the woods to the rag as soon as I threw it up in the tree and was caught standing there. I had a large doe come walking up with her tongue out and lay down under the rag in the tree. I think it only really works like that if there are doe in heat in the area or close to being in heat. Maybe 3 days a year?
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