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While I agree with the response above, the differences between Bullseye, Unique, and Power Pistol are often less than 10% of velocity for the same bullet. Yes, Bullseye is a target powder, but for .40 and 9mm, the max velocity difference is very small, and I personally don't hesitate to use Bullseye for max loads published by Alliant.

"Pistols and Revolvers
40 S&W 165 gr Speer GDHP
Minimum OAL (inches) Bbl Length Primer
Powder Charge Weight (grains) Velocity(fps)

1.12 4 CCI 500 Bullseye 5.8 1,022 View this recipe
1.12 4 CCI 500 Unique 7.2 1,064 View this recipe
1.12 4 CCI 500 Pow Pistol 7.8 1,081 View this recipe"

Bullseye meters better than Unique. Power Pistol looks and meters just like Bullseye.
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