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M4BGringo wrte:
"No snake problem here, except for the "snakes" walking on two-legs!"

MB4, sorry if I missed, but where is "here"?
Micromontenegro, +1 the poisonous ones don't belong anywhere near the kids (including our 4-legged variety) around the home - or campsite. Re the .44, sounds like you need a Charter Arms Bulldog or Rossi .44 Sp! Here in North America the rule supposedly is striking distance = half the length of the snake. I add at least a foot or two (to account for an initial "scoot" toward you), which still makes 8-10' a relatively "comfortable" distance. There are reports of water mocassins (cottonmouths) being particularly aggressive and "coming after you" - which some here may corroborate or debunk - but if so, 10' is still pretty good to get off two rounds of the shot (easy for me to say as we don't have that ilk of snake, but a "rattled" rattlesnake can be pretty aggressive too).
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