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I use Unique in my 9mm behind Berry's 115gr bullets. I load 4.5gr and 4.9 gr Unique. Neither makes the case particularly full. I'm nut sure exactly how much but i now there is space between the powder and the bullet with the 4.9gr loads. I'm planning on loading some more tonight, I'll try to remember to measure about how far down the powder is although with Unique it varies quite a bit depending on how the flakes settle. As others mentioned, you are actually weighing the charges right? Do you have a test weight to check your scale (I keep a 5gr one handy). I always weigh each charge with Unique. I scoop into those little paper candy wrappers (like the ones you get in a box of chocolates). This way I can always put an empty one on to re-zero the scale if I think it might be off. Kind of slow which is why I'm thinking of trying W231 but I have no complaints about the way Unique performs.
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