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Yung.gunr wrote:
"The CCI shot shells for the 9mm are shaped just like a regular round so I would assume they cycle the same. When I am in snake country out here in AZ I switch back and forth in a mag. The shot shell with a JHP in the event of needing to protect against something other then a snake. I heard a while ago they are not good for the rifling of the barrel. I doubt if they would do anything to the barrel of my XD. That was probably some guy talking out his ........ What do you guys think?"

+1 - in Az, I load one or two CCI shotshell (snakeshot) followed by "regular" .38/.357 or .44 depending on flavor of the day. The shotshell in both these calibers has been very effective on some pretty good sized rattlers here, as someone said, optimally @ 10 and less.
Don't think there's any impact on the rifling (in these calibers anyway) the way the plastic capsule is designed and deployed through the barrel.

To the poster with the "tire" remark who just ran over a Mohave green - good on ya! With their neurotoxin combined with other rattler "qualities," THE deadliest no leggeds in North America. We've got 'em too. +1 to be taken very seriously.

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