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Again, I measure the chamber first, then form, then fire, (this stuff called head space stuff), there is me, then there are the HARD HEADED, they remind me of constituents, people with two standards, me? I have one standard.

Again I measure the length of the chamber first, I adjust the die in the press to the shell holder, constitutions fire then measure.

I measure the effect the chamber will have on the case when fired, others measure the case after firing,

And I use the versatile full length sizer die, no need to order Redding Competition shell holders for $50.00, it is not necessary to grind the shell holder, there is no reason to grind the bottom of the die unless you are hard headed, the feeler gage will allow a reloader to size cases from (short chamber) .012 thousands shorter than a minimum length case to infinity, back to "this stuff called head space", I want/must know what rifle is being used, seems the person asking the question wants that to be the last bit of information I need to know. And again, Hatcher moved the shoulder forward .080 thousands and became a case forming wildcatter, and I fired cases in a chamber with .127 thousands head space "called stuff" and got fired cases with short necks, again there are those that think the case, powder, bullet and primer can outrun the firing pin and is able to escape the firing pin impact until the shoulder hits the shoulder of the chamber AND I ask, if any of that is true why did the necks of my cases shorten.

Head space???? I check the length of my chambers, I adjust my dies to the shell holder, and I make tools to measure the length of the case from the head of the case to it's shoulder, and this stuff called head space is no mystery to me, when the bolt closes the chamber gets dark and for most the light goes out, Me? I measure head space as many as 3 different ways with out a head space gage, BECAUSE, the head space does not tell me what effect the chamber has on the case when fired, the head space gage will indicate the bolts ability to close, I want to know 'BY HOW MUCH' I want to know the effect the chamber will have on the case when fired, measuring the case after firing verifies, as those that make this stuff up before me say, the Mauser when fired is not rigid? Then they say to be accurate the receiver must be rigid etc., etc..

When putting all the effort into measuring cases after firing a lot of time is wasted when expectations are too high.

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