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I load Speer shot capsules for my .44 mag. Ruger Redhawk. I carried it for many years while I had cattle. First two rounds up were the shot capsules for snakes and I killed a goodly number with it, mostly copperheads. I used #7 1/2 shot and it carried well. It did throw a dougnut shaped pattern though. So, I aimed for the center of the body and usually it would strike near the head and lower on the body. Very effective.
We once owned a house that was infested with chipmunks. All efforts to exterminate them failed except killing. For that I used my Ruger .22 Single Six with mag. cylinder and CCI shot rounds.
That load didn't have much range but those chipmunks were so used to having people around I was able to get close to shoot. Most were in the 5 to 10 foot range. I did eliminate the 'munk population so the high cost of the rounds proved economical for that use.
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