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Brent. I didn't even see how much they were asking for that one. You will almost certainly need a new charge bar with it and at least one powder bushing. I wouldn't go over $50 for it.

Most Jr.s come with a charge bar that drops 1 1/8 oz of shot and powder per bushings. Some use an adjustable charge bar made in Canada that I believe costs about $20. They can be bought on e-bay. Some of the guys like it and some do not. I have one but am not famililiar with it enough to know if I like it.

A nice optional feature is the EZ Primer feed.

You can get a nice deal on one off of Ebay, but the shipping can kill the deal, which is a reason to check Craig's list. Someone here, perhaps it was one ounce suggested I look on it and I found one the next day an hour's drive from me.
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