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I have only traded on gun in my short collecting life. I bought a sigma series 9mm and I liked it alot. I made the mistake of taking it with me to my parents house and allowed my pops to take a peek at it. He unloaded it and broke it down and after 10 minutes of silently inspecti ng every aspect of the gun and dry firing it for a few more minutes he offered to trade his keltek for it. I said hell no. After a few hours and some back and forth smack talk he offered ONE of his g27's (he has 3). Oh I snatched that joker like a fat kid snatches donuts at a bakery. I think I came out on top. Its my EDC gun and I'm in love with it. My pops uses his sigma as his truck gun. Other than a situation like this I will never part with my guns. I take my time to buy them to be sure it will be something I will want to keep. Ill now ask my pops if he would like it if I have a change of heart after the purchase. This weights a bit on my buying decisions. All his guns will be mine or my sons anyway and I plan keeping the tradition going forever. Or at least until our government takes them. Then I guess me and my family will become outlaws. We'll see when the time comes. If it ever does.
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