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Jim 243

I think Jim 243 nailed it, I would start with a L.E.Wilson gage, since only reloads were an issue I would have to assume his rifle functions as it's supposed to with factory ammunition. Setting the sizing die correctly is the first step that has to be spot on. I use a fired factory case minus .002 to set my sizing die, I usually purchase two or three boxes of factory ammo to aid in setting up a new rifle. I will say flat out the first rifle I loaded for was a Remington auto rifle that I cussed until it was traded, only later did I encounter the small base die issue which no doubt would have addressed my failure to feed properly. If I had a auto I was loading for I would have small base dies if for no other reason for my peace of mind. You will learn as you get older that it helps to have the right tools for the task (experience is also a plus too)!. William
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