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I shoot Trap competitively. Including Winter. I can't even tell you about a sight picture anymore.

There are different styles, but, I significantly swing through the target if it is a hard left or right. I'm sure I look as insane as my challengers who do the same. Aim? Um, not really. I just think "fwap," paint the teeny weeny little target like Budha with a brush, and then the target apparently explodes into dust they tell me. Outta body experience. It is, like, zen man! 100% of the time? Close enough. Ranges? From "pull" (maybe 17 yards) to, oh, I'd say about 80 yards was my longest, inches from the ground.

For me it is essentially (but not completely) impossible to miss. Just to make it more challenging I shoot from an "International" stance for giggles when it doesn't count. But that's with a man's 12 ga. And alot of good practice. #1 Buck would be no different. Deer, bigger, or smaller -- no difference.

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