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There are lot's of posionous snakes around here, particularly cottonmouths. Working outside, I always keep a 38 Special nearby, with its last two chambers loaded with CCI 38 shotshells, just for snakes. I keep the first four chambers loaded with 158 Grain LSWC +P's, because we also have lots of foxes, racoons, etc., and at about this time of the year you start hearing about cases of rabid ones attacking other animals (and occasionally, a human!).

I have a Brazillian contract 45 ACP revolver, and I'd love to retire my 38 Special and use the 45 for such outdoor snake/rabid animal duty, but til now had not realized Speer made snake shot capsules for 45 LC. There's LOTS of excess cylinder space in my old Brazilian contract 45. Don't know why they made those cylinders so long, but a 45 ACP or 45 Auto rim in my gun sort of looks like a 38 Special round does when its seated in a 357 cylinder. I'm wondering if those 45 LC Speer shotshell capsules will fit in a handloaded 45 45 Auto Rim brass shell, and if the whole thing would then then fit in the cylinder of my Model 1917 cylinder ?
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